Friday, September 28, 2007

Sorry I didn't come back earlier

I'm a bit slack with my Blogging, but I've finally got around to it.

The last week has been hectic.  The lead up to school breaking up was unusual - first we planned a farewell for my daughter's Grade 2 teacher (who had been filling in for Term 3) only to find out at the last minute it would become a "Yippee Mr Jones is staying party".  I was lucky enough to be invited and all had a ball. 

I took Steph & her friend Monique to see Hairspray yesterday which was a lotta fun.

I did get back to my bear although she's not yet finished!  I will get there - I need to there's show n tell due first Tuesday of term.  At the moment she looks like this.


Unfortunately/fortunately I get really distracted - so many things to make so little time.

Popped down to say Hello to Marg & Linda at Missy Moo's and now I've finally got the patterns for Freya & Messenger Birds by Melly & Me.  I've also gathered these fabrics to make them from.


I've joined an ATC (Artist Trading Card) Club down at Heaven Scent It's a wonderful stamping and paper craft shop owned by Deb that just happens to be at the end of my street.

Is so much fun, quite nice to do something purely for art's sake. I also love that there's no rules with these cards - absolutely anything goes so long as the size is 2.5 x 3.5 inches.  Oh & the cards can only be traded, not sold.  The first class I attended we learnt the Paper Peeling Technique.  Here are my finished cards:


We literally had to rip up pages from old books.  My grandmother instilled in me a large amount of respect for books and I found this quite unsettling, but I must admit the effect created is something I'd like to try again.  I've been op-shopping for old books & think I may have to find one that is falling apart before I can tear pages again. It just seems so wrong!

Today's creations are these Cupcakes - no, not ones you can eat, but scrummy yummy 100% fat-free ones to display on your kitchen counter or dresser.  I love them, even when you go in the kitchen & the sink is full of dishes they make me feel happy!



My hubby Neil launched our on-line business too.  Check it out - we'd love your feedback.

Hopefully I'll be back with my next post quicker than last time.

Till then,  Happy crafting!

Love Corinna

Monday, September 17, 2007

Nearly better - finally!

It's take some time but I am now beginning to feel better - still really tired & have a rather horrible sounding cough (as do the rest of my family), but on the mend.

It was my birthday last Tuesday.  Yes, it falls on September 11!  I managed to spend nearly all of it in bed, except for lunch spent with wonderful friends down at the shop.  I received many lovely pressies & was treated to a really nice lunch, and even a birthday cake!  How spoilt was I?

Here's a picture of some of the gifts I received - taking pride of place is the gift from my hubby Neil & daughter Steph - a Sizzix Big Shot!  Very spoilt indeed! - I love birthdays!


Unfortunately I was too sick to finish my bear - so hopefully this Tuesday.  Fingers Crossed.

Til, next time, Happy Crafting/Sewing/Painting

Love Corinna

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I'm not feeling too crash hot!

Since my last post, I managed to cop the flu/cold/virus thingy - whatever it is from my family. 

As a result I've spent 3 days in bed & 1 day at work, and achieved very little else apart from sanding my nose with tissues until it's reached a very unflattering shade of red. 

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!  I've got the 2nd part of my Bear Workshop at Wood'N'Pots so I should be able to post pics soon.


Friday, September 7, 2007

Time for a little D & M!

I can really appreciate those that manage to blog on a regular basis.  I have great intentions however & will continue to try & post more often. 

The last few days have been really busy with work, going out for dinner, meetings a crop nite & a bear workshop Part 1 (next week I can show you the finished piece).

To top it all off my munchkin was home sick for 5 days.  Hubby kindly took Monday off to look after her & now he's copped it.  Not much fun.  I'm crossing my fingers I'll be OK.  I've planned a day of cardmaking tomorrow & the Stitches & Craft Show saturday so hopefully . . . .

Stephs now back at school & was able to have her buddy over to play.  Her friend loves creative arty stuff so I gave them all the bits & pieces.  Look what they designed!  A "D" (for dad) and a "M" (for Monique)


Still learning - think this pic is gonna be rather small - but I have to go cook dinner.

Seeya Soon - Corinna

Monday, September 3, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

Hoping all Dad's have had a great day today!

I deliver Avon to my local area & today was one of my brochure drop days.  It was so nice to see so many driveways full of cars - obviously family member's visiting their Dad, Pa, Grandad or Pop.

Last night Steph & I had fun creating cards & wrapping paper for our father's day presents.

We had a nice quiet day at home.  Steph's still really sick and had an afternoon siesta on a picnic blanket under a tree on the back lawn. (It's become quite a habit of her's since last Thursday).  Meanwhile my hubby, Neil popped across to his brother's house to show him some fly tying techniques. 

Upon his return, we finished off the night together with hamburgers & sausages for tea, then sat round the TV with Kath & Kim.

Hope you all enjoyed your day.

Love Corinna