Monday, September 3, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

Hoping all Dad's have had a great day today!

I deliver Avon to my local area & today was one of my brochure drop days.  It was so nice to see so many driveways full of cars - obviously family member's visiting their Dad, Pa, Grandad or Pop.

Last night Steph & I had fun creating cards & wrapping paper for our father's day presents.

We had a nice quiet day at home.  Steph's still really sick and had an afternoon siesta on a picnic blanket under a tree on the back lawn. (It's become quite a habit of her's since last Thursday).  Meanwhile my hubby, Neil popped across to his brother's house to show him some fly tying techniques. 

Upon his return, we finished off the night together with hamburgers & sausages for tea, then sat round the TV with Kath & Kim.

Hope you all enjoyed your day.

Love Corinna

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  1. Hi Corinna, I have been having some fun following your blog links. I love some opf the collages in Pretty Petals Boutique, there are some very creative people out there!
    Thanks for a lovely evening.