Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I love spring

The sun shines, the flowers are beautiful & the smells wonderful.  Well except when they keep you sneezing I suppose - sympathies to those who suffer badly from hayfever.  I do, but not too badly thankfully.

Today I was tidying the single room of our house that acts as Study, Craft Studio, Junk Storage.  I came across some of my beads and can't help myself but lay them all out - they are just so yummy. 

Such a beautiful rainbow of colours:


They look great already (except for the blurry photo) but one day they may turn into this:


(This is a lovely design I made for my best friend's wedding.  As one of the bridesmaid's I wore this set with a black dress & the bride had a pale green pearl version that matched her dress perfectly.)

More for the to do list.

It just keeps getting longer.  Bear is still a WIP - having trouble with nose & can't go any further at this stage - will need to beg Rhona for help.

Have cut fabric out for Freya - now just need to sit down & sew.  Perhaps tonite?

Til next time - have a happy sunshiny day!



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