Wednesday, April 20, 2011

JAI Ink # 64 - Chocolate Wrapper Challenge

Dear Guillotine,

I am really enjoying my holidays, but I am missing you & all of our papercrafting buddies.

Please rest up because I will be home soon, and you'll all be getting a workout when I get back.

Love a Deprived Papercrafting Addict. xoxo

7 nights ago we headed off on a family holiday which was arranged around my baby cousins wedding last Saturday - which was just perfect.

I thought I'd prepared well, House/Cat sitter organised, my paid work up to date, house nice & clean, clothes packed, snacks/drinks for the long drives, some line art, pencils, markers etc.

It soon became evident I had underestimated the free time I would have & what do I like to do in my free time? I like to create!

I recently acquired an iPhone which I love and this has allowed me to check in on my fav blogs & check emails (mostly Stamping related). It soon became too much temptation/inspiration, but there are no craft shops around!!!! What's a gal to do???

First I purchased a cardmaking magazine thinking it may help - nope, but it did come with papers. I've never actually used the freebie papers before because they don't really appeal but I am desperate!!!!

Just Add Ink's Challenge this week is to be inspired by the colours in your favourite Chocolate Bar Wrapper.

Anyone who knows me knows I love peppermint in all it's forms - particularly Cadbury Mint Chocolate so I picked up a block of the Bubbly to use with this challenge. The Green Gingham paper seemed to suit - but I needed more supplies!!!

So I popped into the local "Chicken Feed" discount store & managed a pack of cheap (semi glossy?) cardstock - fortunately the purple was close enough for Cadbury Purple, and the brown was close to chocolate. They also stocked 3 essentials - Scissors, Bling & double sided tape.

I coloured this cute little gal in colours to match & voila! But it needed something - a Scallop Border courtesy of a 20cent coin & my sketch book paper. You might think I had some Crumb Cake C/stock, but nope that's my Grain Bar box. The ribbon was from the hang up bits I cut off my new top.

Here's the result. . . . .

Don't look too close though as the edges are rough & not one is really straight, hence my heartfelt letter to my precious (straight & even) guillotine. . . .

One more sleep & I'll be home, even better I will actually have some time to play with my toys....

Thanks for dropping by. . . .



  1. wow! I love this, even more so, with the substitution needed... It is always so much easier to create when you have everything you have at home, so when your on holidays, not having your 'stuff' makes it a lot more difficult!

  2. Yes, I'm with you on the freebie papers from the magazines. I'm super impressed with your desperation to craft while on holidays and all the effort that went into making this, what turned out to be a super cute card, without all your tools. 10 points in my book for being so adaptable! IMPRESSIVE!

  3. Too funny! Great job, very cute! I just finished colouring the same image, Thanks for the loan! l fully relate to your desperation, hope your hols were great.

  4. Totally get the itchy fingers and need to create!! and I am super impressed at how you created this gorgeous card by scrounging whatever you could. Hope you're reunited with your guillotine soon ;)

  5. I am totally impressed by your dedication to craft! Amazing what you can do, even while your craft room is miles away, lol

    A gorgeous card. Thanks for playing at JAI ♥

  6. super cute card and Im very impressed at your resourcefulness at getting product for your card!

  7. Well, how resourceful are YOU??!! This is just gorgeous ... a great result, with so many challenges along the way - you rose to every one. Love it!