Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hmmm not so good at adding posts.

This year has been really busy. 

Not really an excuse for not updating my Blog but honestly I have been busy.

I've now got another Part Time Job as a Bookeeper & have joined the gym.  So far so good - except for reviving an old injury ( I sprained my ankle last year & I don't think it's ever gonna quite recover).  Need to remember to exercise sensibly & stay away from bouncing or jumping too much.

I have kept my resolution and have been reading more books. - Love Lesley Pearce more with every novel I read & always love Monica McInerny.

January went by in a Blur & now February nearly has too!  Did you have a

Happy Valentines Day ? 

We did - I bought Steph a treat from the Bakery.  Very indulgent - in fact she felt sick before getting halfway through the icing at the top.  After scraping the rest away she manged to eat the cake.


Have been attending recent local festivals - one in which my daughter & her Dance class perfomed not once but twice.  She loved it!  Here she is striking a pose - sorry about the glare from the mirror wall behind.


As for crafty endeavours, I have made a few cards, finished a layout or two & am dreaming up a number of other projects.  Will have to take pic's so I can share - hopefully I'll get back quicker.


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