Saturday, January 10, 2009

OMG! I can finally add pictures! Yippee - I'm back in blogland!

Steph & the Racecar

Here's a picture of my darling Steph standing in front of a car my Dad helped rebuild & he was responsible for the Spray Painting.

For those who do not recognise it, is is the 2nd last car that Peter Brock drove.

If you look carefully above the driver's door you will see his signature.  After racing the car at Goodwood in England he stood and signed autographs.  He had someone changing the posters under his hand whilst he signed. Oops! somebody was too slow & he autographed the car by accident!

Anyway, it appears that our antivirus, antipop-up & anti whatever else has been causing me these problems with Typepad.  So I think all's fixed and I can begin posting again! Yay!

Will be back soon with some creations

Love Corinna

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  1. Glad that you comeback..Steph is beautiful kid.Thanks for sharing this pic.