Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Long time no post

Gee time seems to be running away from me.  I feel as though Christmas is creeping up on me & I’m not prepared.  I’ve starting organising Kris Kringles, and I need to begin making Teacher’s Pressies.  OMG It’ll be here before I know it! 


Anyway decided it was time for another post & didn’t have anything really exciting to say so I decided to join this meme:


The rules are: Answer the following on your blog and then let five other bloggers know that you have tagged them to complete the meme.


1. When did you start to create and make craft? 

I was lucky enough to have grandmothers who taught me many things:  cake decorating, sewing, embroidery, tapestry, latch hook rug making, oil & china painting among other things.  I was exposed to & enjoyed all these crafts at the ripe old age of 7


2. Why did you start creating?

I think it may have been the thrill of creating & making something with my Grandma’s – oh and because it’s fun.  Still is.


3. Why do you create?

Quite often it’s simply because I love the thrill of the process, starting with a pile of fabric, or a heap of papercraft items, or a blank canvas & my paint collection and then ending up with a creation.  

Sometimes the creations aren’t quite as wonderful as expected, but they’re still fund to make. Generally I enjoy learning how different mediums work. 

Other times I just fall in love with a design or something pops into my head as I’m going to sleep & I just need to make it.  


4. What do you create?

Well, it all depends on the day.  One day it’s all about Papercraft, the next jewellery, the next sewing & quilting, the next painting, all the above – the list goes on and on.  I don’t have any boundaries set & I create what makes me happy!

5. Has this changed since you began crafting?

As an adult I have a better budget & can buy better craft supplies

As a child (before I was old enough to participate in my Grandmothers crafts) I was mainly restricted to the use of some manilla paper, a blue ballpoint pen & some stickytape.  I can’t tell you how many different creations I made from these 3 things, but I recall quite fondly when I was 6, making a 3D Doll house, complete with paper dolls, tables and chairs etc. I was (and still am) pretty proud of that creation.

I am supposed to tag 5 people which I find really hard as most of the people I would have tagged have already been tagged - I am leaving this open for anyone to join in. (But please let me know you’re joining in by leaving a comment)  There is one person who I know hasn’t been tagged so I tag you Julie


Thanks look forward to your answers




PS If you are wondering about the stray full-stops, I tried repeatedly to put spaces between the paragraphs & for some reason they just wouldn't behave so I had to put full stops in.

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